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What People are Saying About the Bayou Brothers

Rick, now that the dust has settled...I want to thank you and the boys for a wonderful job !! Well Done My Friend !! You guys sounded great !! totally Pro !! on & off with no exceptions !! Folks loved it, and waited for each break to come over and dance again !! Thank you for your professionalism and friendship !! you rock dude !! no shit !! see ya around soon !
Rob Bower - Julian Blues Festival

Bayou Brother's, You made our New Years Eve 2010 / 2011 Bash a smashing success, when we were planning to have a celebration party, to invite our customers to come and bring in the new year, I could have never imagined that it was going to turn out to be such a success, thank you for keeping the crowd on their feet and providing Music that exceeded our expectations, you are an experienced group that operates with a beautiful vibe,
Much appreciated
Joseph Melluso, Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant

I booked the Bayou Brothers Zydeco band in the Long Beach Bayou and Mardi Gras Festival, in Long Beach, California two consecutive years, 2009 and 2010. The band performed with great energy, great songs, and kept the dancers on the floor. The band was tight and represented the culmination of years working together, resulted in a rich and powerful sound. The members are good, reliable and professional individuals. I’m looking forward to having the Bayou Brothers again at the Long Beach Bayou Festival in the near future.
Bervick BJ Deculus
Talent Buyer, Long Beach Bayou and Mardi Gras Festival 

Hear Ye , Hear Ye...
All those ,whether they be music promoters, or supporters of genuine good live music...
Don't miss the Bayou Brothers show! They are the 'real thing'   solid , in the groove, fun mix of Blues & Zydeco.
I've been promoting live outdoor festivals for 13 years now....and this band always pleases !! Mark my word !!  Don't forget yer' dancin' shoes...  robb
Robb Bower Presents LLC
Robb Bower's Julian Blues Bash

Bayou Brothers (& Sistas) Rock!  Their energy is contagious, their music is lively and they are great fun for dancing.  And besides being talented musicians, they're also good people- counts for a lot with me.
Tyler Orion

What The Bayou Brothers mean to me.....I love the synergy of the music, the band, the make my body want to inspire's easy to groove to your music...
it's "soul good"'s more fun than Disneyland....
Rachel Forsyth  (a forever fan....and dancing fool)

My quote anonymously "great band, high energy, wonderful music, foot taping fun, great to dance to"

The BB play a good variety of dance music very well.  You can't help but get up and dance when they play.

This band is so fun!  Quality, experienced  musicians who can play a variety of music. Great for listening and even better for dancing.   Always a good time!
M,  Encinitas

Bayou Brothers (& Sistas) Rock!  Their energy is contagious, their music is lively and they are great fun for dancing.  And besides being talented musicians, they're also good people- counts for a lot with me.
Love ya, Tyler Orion

Bayou Brothers are a rocking good time. A rare combination of good friends, good music, and a fun party atmosphere at every show I have been to. You gonna love the Bayou Brothers fo sho. 
Harmonica John Frazer

GREAT BAND!!!!  IF YOU EVER NEED TO GET OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Like they say; Music for your Feet. 
Alfred Ventura

"They make your soul light up and your feet dance.  You can't stop smiling when they play 'cause even they are having sooo much fun!"
Connie Dahl

Joy, and harmony and aliveness and spontaneity is what the Bayou Brothers have always provided to their loyal fans, and I Rex Paris am one of those individuals.
Rex Paris

"Dancing to the Bayou Brothers has saved marriages and inspired children to musical pursuits.
This is true - I've seen it happen!"

***(explaination for this saved marriage quote for you - I brought two couples to your New year's Eve gig - both of their marriages were in great trouble at the time.  One couple, married 5 years, had never danced together. They danced all night and left a bit early to catch their own "private fireworks" at midnight.  The other couple, married 21 years, had never been out on New Year's Eve. They danced until the band stopped, (and they don't even dance), left holding hands, happy, and looking forward to hearing you play again. Both of the women told me it may haved saved their marriages by presenting new possibilities for having fun together.)  Hey - Dance All Night and Stay A Little Longer, Right?

I GET TO DANCE MY ASS OFF, i just can´t sit still.....
Thanks guys
Jill fellows

The Bayou Brothers are a wonderful band. I've only just encountered them, and saw them twice in one month. I love them!  Who can resist dancing to their music. Not me. You can't sit still once they start playing.
Karen Keimig Warner

Dear whoever reads this re the Bayou Brothers:

My story is familiar to most people who hear Zydeco music for the first time: 'Where has this music been my whole life?" From this simple and honest and human reaction, leads one naturally to dancing and learning the beat. Not unlike rock, nor swing, nor blues, nor east coast swing, nor jitterbug, but its very own unique style of jumping and moving to the music, from the original steps taught so well by Greg Benusa and Bill Corwin, and finally to creating your own brand of movement, unique to you.

Thus, as you enter into the world of Zydeco music, one begins to note the differences between bands, between styles and even between those who specialize in the accordion, itself a most unique and moving sound, a cross between bagpipes and harmonica and piano, and  you develop your own taste and preferences.

My tale is everyone's tale, becoming a listener, to a dancer, to a go as often as you can go, wherever this music is played. And there is no finer band than the Bayou Brothers who I have seen grow and change and add music to everyone's lives, who hear and dance to their unique brand of Zydeco. 
Rex Paris

  • An authentic recreation of a classically American form of music.
  • A foot stomp'en, cajun kick-ass good time.
  • A healthy dose of Mississippi Mojo.
  • Don't bother getting a seat for these guys, you'll never be in it.
Mario Matranga - Owner Patricks Irish Pub.